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Daily English 1220 - Ramping Up Production

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Kareem: Have you seen the latest sales figures? We need to ramp up production right now.

Valerie: We don’t know if that increase is simply a blip or a trend.

Kareem: Those sales figures are significantly above projected levels. Our product is in demand and we need to meet that demand with a largerproduction run.

Valerie: But that would mean a big increase in capital outlay.

Kareem: We have to spend money to make money. We don’t want to be caught short if sales continue like this.

Valerie: But if they don’t, we’d be saddled with a huge surplus in inventory.

Kareem: When we rolled out this new product, we hoped it would catch on and it has. Are we going to sit on our hands and do nothing?

Valerie: I guess you’re right. Should we increase production by 10 percent?

Kareem: Ten percent? We’re doubling production.

Valerie: Doubling production?! Are you crazy?

Kareem: Crazy like a fox.

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