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Daily English 1240 - Giving Correct Change

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Evelyn: If you want a job here as a cashier, you’ll need to be able to give correct change.

Hank: Don’t you use a cash register here?

Evelyn: We do, but when it’s not working, we have to be able to calculate change in our heads in a pinch.

Hank: Oh, I didn’t realize that.

Evelyn: Okay, let’s see how you do with a simple sale. Let’s say I’m purchasing these two items and I’m paying with a $20 bill.

Hank: All right, give me a minute…the total is $9.36.

Evelyn: Make sure you count back the change.

Hank: I’ve never done that before. I’m not sure I know how.

Evelyn: Count up starting with the coins and working your way up to the paper money. Count out loud so the customer gets a running total.

Hank: Okay, but first I have to do the math. The change should be...Can I have a piece of paper to check my work? I don’t want to short the customer or give them too much change.

Evelyn: You won’t have time to do that with each customer. Math wasn’t your favorite subject in school, was it?

Hank: You’re right about that. Maybe I need to work on my math skills. In the meantime, I’m handy with a mop.

Evelyn: Good to hear. There’s a cleanup on aisle three that’s got your name all over it.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Business | Money