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Daily English 1244 - Preparing Packages for Shipping

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Suzanne: Pass me the packing tape. This box is ready to be sealed.

George: Wait! You can’t just send our product like that. It needs to be protected so it won’t break in transit.

Suzanne: That doesn’t speak well for our product, does it?

George: It has nothing to do with the quality of our product. It’s all about the quality of the packing. Hand me some bubble wrap.

Suzanne: Here.

George: See what I’m doing? I’m wrapping each product in two layers of bubble wrap, placing them in the box, and then filling in the gaps with packing peanuts. Got that?

Suzanne: Fine, I’ll pack it the way you want it. What about these smaller products? You want them packed in a box?

George: No, the smaller products should be shipped in padded mailers like these.

Suzanne: Should I wrap the product in bubble wrap first?

George: No, these padded mailers should protect them from impact.

Suzanne: Good. Let’s put on a label and be done with it.

George: Hold on. These boxes and mailers need to be taped up so they don’t open during shipping. Make sure all openings are sealed.

Suzanne: Okay, now are we done?

George: Sure, with this batch – just 64 more to go.

Suzanne: Uh!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Business