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Daily English 1256 - Describing Fast and Slow Speech

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Slow Speed begins at: 1:22
Explanation begins at: 3:41
Normal Speed begins at: 18:58

Jerome: Did you hear what the speaker said?

Elise: No, I didn’t catch that either. She’s racing through her presentation like she’s late for her train.

Jerome: I know. She speaks at such a fast rate of speech that it’s dizzying. I wish she’d slow down so I could make out what she’s saying. Most of it is mumbled or garbled.

Elise: She’s got to be breaking a record for the number of words per minute. Hey wait, she’s done. The next speaker has to be better.

Jerome: Oh my God, she’s worse! She must be the slowest speaker alive. Every utterance is drawn-out and every sentence seems interminable. She just keeps droning on and on and on.

Elise: At least we can understand her.

Jerome: Yes, but I wish she’d pick up the pace. She’s making a lengthy speech even longer. At this rate, we’ll be here until midnight!

Elise: Maybe we should try to pay attention and take notes like we’re supposed to.

Jerome: How can we when her voice is so hypnotic?

Elise: I know what you mean. I think I need some coffee. Do you want some?

Jerome: [snores]

Elise: Jerome, Jerome!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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