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Daily English 1268 - Conducting Employee Background Checks

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Vanessa: I can’t wait until the new employees start work. We need the help.

Daniel: It won’t be for a while. Background checks have to be done first.

Vanessa: Background checks? Are those really necessary?

Daniel: You’d be surprised. We’ve been burned before. We don’t want to hire anyone with prior instances of negligence or anyone else who has been involved in a corporate scandal. Sometimes we even get people with fraudulent credentials.

Vanessa: Isn’t a background check kind of invasive? What do they check for, a criminal record?

Daniel: Yes, but that’s just the beginning. Investigators check driving records, credit reports, school transcripts, sex offender lists, and much more.

Vanessa: I had no idea.

Daniel: When someone runs your Social Security number, all kinds of things come up. Investigators also check court records and medical records.

Vanessa: That’s amazing.

Daniel: On top of all that, they often speak with past employers and character references.

Vanessa: And the new hires are okay with the company doing this kind of invasive background check?

Daniel: You were.

Vanessa: Me?! You mean they ran a background check on me before I was hired?

Daniel: You bet.

Vanessa: So they know all about…

Daniel: What?

Vanessa: Forget it.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Business