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Daily English 1272 - Returning and Exchanging Merchandise

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Clerk: Hello, how can I help you?

Spencer: I’d like to return a few things I received over the holidays.

Clerk: Okay, do you have gift receipts?

Spencer: I do for this item. It’s unopened and unused.

Clerk: Let me see. I can give you a refund, but there will be a small restocking fee.

Spencer: Really?

Clerk: I’m afraid so.

Spencer: Okay, that’s fine. I also received this one as a gift, but don’t have a receipt.

Clerk: Let me look up that merchandise in our system. It looks like it was a clearance item and it was a final sale.

Spencer: But it’s unworn.

Clerk: I understand that. The best I can do is to allow you to exchange it if it doesn't fit or give you store credit.

Spencer: I’ll take the store credit. What about this?

Clerk: Let me see. That item was purchased on our online store and it can’t be returned to a store location, only through our website.

Spencer: And this? It doesn’t work.

Clerk: I’m sorry, but that was also a clearance item and was sold in as-is condition.

Spencer: [sigh] All right.

Clerk: Can I help you with anything else?

Spencer: Only if you can visit the other three stores to return the rest of my gifts.

Clerk: You didn’t get what you wanted for the holidays, huh?

Spencer: My family and friends have great senses of humor, but how many gag gifts can one man own?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Business | Shopping