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Daily English 1276 - Using an On-site Daycare

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Francesca: Hey, don’t we have a meeting at 1:30?

Jorge: We do. Sorry I’m late. I popped over to see how my kids are doing in the new on-site daycare.

Francesca: I didn’t even know we had an on-site daycare.

Jorge: It’s something new the company is offering to working parents. It’s a big perk and it’s great not having to drop off and pick up my kids from a separate daycare every day.

Francesca: That’s nice.

Jorge: It’s really helped with the transition back to work from maternity and paternity leave. Finding the right childcare was turning out to be a big problem.

Francesca: We really missed you when you were away.

Jorge: Thanks. I’m also less distracted. I have peace of mind knowing the kids are here in the same building and I can check on them anytime. It’s better for productivity.

Francesca: That’s good. Now should we get started with our meeting?

Jorge: Okay, but let’s keep it short. I want to check on the kids again in about 10 minutes.

Francesca: How many times have you checked on them already?

Jorge: Four times.

Francesca: Just today?

Jorge: Just in the past hour.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Business