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Daily English 1292 - Being a Victim of Extortion

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Jason: Hey, that guy just took merchandise without paying. Didn’t you see him?

Ida: Yeah, but it’s okay. Forget about it.

Jason: What’s going on here? Why did you just let that guy take things without paying?

Ida: If you must know, I’m paying for protection.

Jason: Protection? From whom?

Ida: Those guys. They rule this neighborhood. If a business doesn't pay up, they resort to violence.

Jason: You mean this is a shakedown? They’re threatening you with violence unless you pay?

Ida: Yes, but what else can I do? All of the businesses on this street pay, one way or another.

Jason: But a protection racket is extortion. It’s against the law. You could tell the police.

Ida: The last person who squealed had his store torched. I’m not going up against these guys. Things could get ugly, really ugly. Are you leaving?

Jason: Yeah, I’m going to try to find that guy who was here and talk to him, tell him to lay off you.

Ida: You can’t do that! Those guys mean business. They’ll hurt you.

Jason: Not a chance. When I tell them you’re under my protection, they’ll lay off for sure.

Ida: Stop! I’m not letting you stick your neck out for me. Your funeral won’t be on my head!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Business