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Daily English 1300 - Diversifying a Workforce

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Audrey: Have you seen these design ideas? They’re stale.

Simon: Maybe it’s time we diversified our workforce. It’s pretty homogenous right now.

Audrey: It’s not that homogeneous. We have people from different cultures and backgrounds, people who are bilingual and multicultural.

Simon: That’s not what I mean and you know it. We’re missing a huge demographic. Having more diversity will help us find new ways to tackle problems and come up with creative ideas.

Audrey: Are you saying we’ve become stodgy? I’m not adverse to change, you know.

Simon: I know that.

Audrey: But how will the rest of the company react?

Simon: I don’t know but a more diverse workforce will also prevent discrimination lawsuits. That’s the reality we live in.

Audrey: I really don't know. Do you really think hiring more men to design women’s bras is a good idea?

Simon: Of course. We have a unique appreciation for them.

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