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Daily English 132 - Getting Through on the Phone

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I have been trying to get a meeting with the CEO of Medofact to talk about a partnership between our company and theirs. But I've had a hard time trying to get through on the phone.

First, there was the phone tree. I had to go through three menus before I got the option to speak to an operator. Even after I got through, I got the run around from the receptionist.

Receptionist: Medofact Limited. How may I direct your call?

Thomas: I would like to speak to Maureen Kennedy.

Receptionist: Please hold while I connect you with Ms. Kennedy's office. (Pause)

Secretary: Maureen Kennedy's office. How may I help you?

Thomas: Good afternoon. I am Thomas Guarini calling from Livatect. I would like to set up a meeting with Ms. Kennedy.

Secretary: Will Ms Kennedy know the subject of the meeting?

Thomas: Well, I would like to speak to her about a possible partnership.

Secretary: May I put you on hold for one moment?

Thomas: Yes, certainly. (I was on hold for a long time.)

Secretary: Mr. Guarini, I'm afraid Ms. Kennedy is traveling on business the next two weeks. Would you like to call back?

Thomas: Sure, I'll check back in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your help.

Secretary: It's my pleasure. Have a nice day.

Thomas: Thanks. You, too.

I guess I'll keep trying.

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