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Daily English 139 - Job Layoffs

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Phillip: So, have you heard the news?

Mary: No, what's up?

Phillip: I just heard that the company is planning to lay off 20 percent of the employees in the next two months.

Mary: You're kidding! I knew they were looking for some way to cut costs with the lower profits this quarter, but I didn't think that they would start laying people off.

Phillip: Yeah, it's hard to believe. That'll be hundreds of people losing their jobs. It's not just the salary. It means losing benefits, too. You know, I hope it's not going to be Sebastian. With three kids and a wife who's sick, that would really be a blow.

Mary: When will we know who's getting axed?

Phillip: I don't know if we'll get any warning. We might just get a pink slip on a Friday afternoon. Well, I'm going to start job hunting right now.

Mary: That's a good idea. The first thing I'm going to do is to call all of my friends and business contacts to let them know I'm on the market. Hopefully, I'll get a line on something soon. Thanks for letting me know.

Phillip: Sure. If I hear anything else, I'll let you know.

Mary: Thanks. I'll do the same.

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