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Daily English 140 - Buying on the Internet

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It's true that I don't like shopping. When I want to buy something, I do it online. I like buying on the Internet because I can easily do some comparison shopping and find the best price. It's easy, too.

Last week I wanted to buy some new headphones. I did a search and found a pair on sale at a store in New Jersey. I read the product description and knew that this was the right one. I added it to my shopping cart and I was ready to check out. The screen showed that I had one item in my basket and that it was in stock. I had a choice of shipping and I picked standard shipping for $5.95, rather than the expedited shipping for $12.95. I clicked the "continue" button and filled in my shipping address and my billing address. Then, it took me to the payment screen and I typed in my credit card number and expiration date. I clicked the "Purchase" button and I was done. I got a confirmation page with a tracking number. I checked the next day and it showed that my item had already been shipped.

Buying on the Internet is perfect for someone like me. Now, if only finding a girlfriend was just that easy

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