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Daily English 188 - Correcting Misunderstandings at Work

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I work in our company’s Toledo office and I was meeting with my counterpart in our Raleigh office. I was trying to explain to her our new proposal to make some changes in the corporate structure. But, it wasn’t going very well.

Rory: So, with the new plan, the managers would report directly to the CEO?

Dean: That’s not quite right. The local managers would report to the regional managers, and the regional managers would be supervised by the COO. That would give the COO more oversight than he has now.

Rory: You’re saying, then, that the managers aren’t being well supervised now?

Dean: No, that’s not what I meant. We were actually thinking that the new plan would free up the CEO to work on attracting new business.

Rory: So, you think that the problem is with the CEO. He’s not doing his job.

Dean: No, that’s not it at all. What I’m trying to say is that we need this new plan because our office has expanded so much in the past year.

Rory: Well, I don’t really agree with you. I think that both the CEO and COO are doing a fine job now.

Dean: I think we may have our wires crossed. Let’s set up a meeting for next week to talk more about it.

Rory: Okay. That’s fine with me.

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