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Daily English 193 - Placing a Business Order

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Jessie: Good morning. This is Jessie Lipman calling from Wexman. I wanted to place an order.

Rudy: Certainly. Are you ordering from our catalog?

Jessie: Yes, I have the item numbers. But, before I place the new order, I wanted to check on some items we have on backorder.

Rudy: Sure, let me pull up your account. It looks like you have two items that are still outstanding, but we should have that to you by the end of the week.

Jessie: Can you give me a delivery date?

Rudy: It should arrive no later than the 19th.

Jessie: Okay. Let me give you the new order. The first item is 2456. We’d like 52 boxes. Last time, we were able to buy in bulk and got the wholesale price. I’m hoping we can negotiate that again for this order.

Rudy: That’s not a problem. What are the other items?

Jessie: The second item is 6849. We’d like 40 of them.

Rudy: There’s a price reduction on that item of 10%. That brings the net price to $19. Anything else?

Jessie: That’s it for now. There are a few things we need to order, but I still need to submit a requisition for a purchase order. Can you fax over an invoice for the items I just ordered?

Rudy: Sure, I’ll get that to you by the end of the day. We appreciate your order.

Jessie: No problem. Thanks.

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