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Daily English 208 - Corporate Image

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Adam: With our expansion into these new areas of business, I think we need to think seriously about changing our corporate image. We’re much more than just a paper company now.

Eva: I think you’re right. Our brand has changed, and if we want to keep brand loyalty, we need to think about protecting and improving our product image.

Adam: I agree that that’s a key issue as we reposition ourselves in the industry. We can never lose sight of our end-users.

Eva: And, even though we have registered trademarks on some of the new prestige products, we need to have a plan if we want to turn these new products into household names.

Adam: I suggest we think about hiring a public relations firm. They may be able to help us update our corporate image and logo, and to shape our new corporate identity.

Eva: Why don’t I contact a few PR firms and set up some meetings?

Adam: Yes, do that. That seems like the logical next step.

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