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Daily English 228 - A Christmas Feast

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This year, our family decided that the more the merrier and invited Adriano and his family to have Christmas dinner with us. We were thrilled when they accepted our invitation.

Lucy: I’m so glad you guys could all make it.

Adriano: We wouldn’t have missed it for anything. We brought a fruitcake.

Lucy: Oh, thanks. Make yourselves comfortable. We’re just about to sit down to dinner.

Adriano: Wow, it looks like you’ve prepared a feast.

Lucy: Yeah, we did go a little overboard this year. We’ve got a turkey, a roast and a ham, and all the trimmings: stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Help yourself to some eggnog.

Adriano: Thanks. Did you do all of the cooking yourself?

Lucy: I had some help and everybody brought different desserts. Save room for the pumpkin pie, the gingerbread house, and the Christmas cookies. Okay everybody, dinner’s ready. Adriano, would you carve the bird?

Adriano: I’d be happy to do the honors.

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