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Daily English 260 - Business Trends

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Today, I’m going to be giving you a brief overview of the trends that are likely to affect our industry in the next 10 years. It’s difficult to predict the fads that affect how the general public thinks and behaves. However, by looking at recent polls, we have a good idea about one area that is likely to have a dramatic influence on the way we do business down the line.

The trend that I’m talking about is the environment. The biggest concern right now across major business industries here and in other parts of the world is about how “going green” will affect company outlook. The growth of environmentally-friendly products has been off the charts in the past five years, and this trend is likely to continue for at least 10 more years.

If you’ll look at this chart up here, you’ll see what the major trend reports are forecasting. It’s my opinion that it’s time we sat up and took notice.

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