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Daily English 280 - Viral Marketing

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Jayna: I have an idea for creating buzz about our new product.

Maksym: What is it?

Jayna: I think we should use viral marketing. We can spread information about the product quickly and among the most likely customers.

Maksym: I really don’t understand it. How would we do viral marketing?

Jayna: Well, the key is to get plugged into a few people who have large social networks already, such as bloggers and other people with popular websites. We get them talking about the product on their websites and people who visit those sites will tell their friends about it, and they will in turn tell their friends, and so on. If we use these existing social networks, news about our product will spread very quickly.

Maksym: What about the cost?

Jayna: That’s just it. It’s very low-cost because it works through word of mouth.

Maksym: That sounds promising. Why don’t you put together a short presentation about it to present at the department meeting on Friday?

Jayna: Great. I’ll get working on it right away. I think it’s going to transform the way we reach our customers.

Maksym: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but let’s see how it goes over with the rest of the department on Friday.

Jayna: Sure thing.

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