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Daily English 284 - A Friendly Rivalry

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Veronica: I’m finishing up for the day. Do you want to walk out together?

Bogdan: Yeah, that would be great, if you don’t mind waiting until I’ve finished sending this email. I’m letting Tom know that I got another account. That makes four new customers this week.

Veronica: Congratulations, but isn’t that rubbing Tom’s nose in it?

Bogdan: Don’t worry about Tom. He’s been getting new clients left and right. For the past six months, he’s been gloating about his big commissions. I’m just turning the tables, that’s all.

Veronica: Tom doesn’t seem like the type to be smug about his successes.

Bogdan: He doesn’t flaunt it, but he lets people know in subtle ways. Don’t worry. I’m going to put him in his place.

Veronica: This is just too much testosterone for me. Why don’t you guys just go outside, duke it out, and get it over with.

Bogdan: What would be the fun in that? This is just a little friendly rivalry. Nobody takes it seriously.

Veronica: If you say so. I know not to get in the way when there are big egos involved.

Bogdan: You just don’t understand guys.

Veronica: You got that right.

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