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Daily English 304 - A Potential Partnership Meeting

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Flavio: Thanks for meeting with me.

Marcia: It’s my pleasure. We’re eager to hear your ideas about our companies doing business together in the future.

Flavio: Well, I wanted us to meet because I think our two companies can create great synergy.

Marcia: I agree. What do you have in mind?

Flavio: We seem to have core capabilities that complement each other, and I want to see how we can create a partnership that would be to our mutual benefit.

Marcia: Yes, that’s why I’m here. I think we’re thinking along the same lines.

Flavio: Good. I’m glad to hear that. If we can pull off a partnership, we could really dominate the market.

Marcia: Yes, I think that’s true, too, but let’s get beyond the preliminaries. What kind of business model do you have in mind?

Flavio: Well, that’s why I wanted to meet with you. I’d like to get your perspective on that.

Marcia: I see. When your company approached us about working together, we were under the impression that you had some concrete ideas to present.

Flavio: Oh, we do. I just wanted to get your suggestions before we present a formal proposal.

Marcia: Let’s do this. Why don’t you send me a proposal in writing and I’ll make sure that we give it our full consideration.

Flavio: We’ll do that. Thanks for your time.

Marcia: Don’t mention it.

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