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Daily English 320 - Micromanaging the Staff

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Barry: Where are you going?

Jane: I’m checking up on Rudy. I gave him a task an hour ago and I want to make sure he’s doing it right.

Barry: You’re not micromanaging again, are you?

Jane: Of course, not. I’m only going to observe his work and make sure that he’s following the detailed instructions I gave him.

Barry: That sounds like micromanaging. If you’re always looking over their shoulders, how are you ever going to develop trust with your employees?

Jane: My employees will earn my trust by being meticulous with their work. Good employees don’t mind me monitoring their progress.

Barry: That may be true, but I heard Rudy and Jena talking and they said they’re feeling a little resentful that you don’t have more faith in their ability. They feel like you’re treating them as though they’re incompetent.

Jane: I am not. You’re making me sound like a control freak.

Barry: I just call them like I see them. Micromanaging is a bad tactic and I can see why your employees are disgruntled.

Jane: I resent that. I have a very good working relationship with my employees.

Barry: I’m sure you do. I was just trying to help. I’m really not trying to butt in.

Jane: Fine. You manage your staff the way you think best and I’ll manage mine.

Barry: Fine by me.

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