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Daily English 36 - At My Desk

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I get to the office and sit down at my desk. I share a cubicle with another employee, Jim, but he only works in the afternoons so we don’t usually get in each other’s way too much. I boot up my computer and look at my agenda for today. I had about 30 new emails in my inbox but I decide not to read them right away. There were some new inter-office paperwork in my inbox too, but I decide to look at them a little later. First, I wanted to start in on a report that I had to finish today. I had a conference call at the end of the day with the head office, but I had most of the day to get it done.

Before long, it was the lunch hour. I didn’t pack a lunch so I ask my supervisor if she wanted to have lunch together. We head down the street to a sit-down restaurant. The hostess shows us to a table in the back of the restaurant. The waiter arrives a few minutes later and we order entrees, no appetizers, since we need to get back by 1:00. The waiter was very busy so I had to wave him down to get the check. He brought the bill, and my supervisor and I split the check. We walk back to the office and I get back to work. Just four more hours until quitting time!

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