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Daily English 381 - Watching the TV News

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Anchor: Good evening. I’m Gary Singh and this is the evening news. Tonight, we’ll have a special report from our field reporter, Monique Sanders, on the latest developments in the Eddie Litton court case. And in our feature segment, we’ll go to Arizona to interview the world’s fattest dog, weighing 210 pounds! We’ll also have this week’s weather and the latest on sports.

But first, our top story: A man suspected of murdering his business partner led the police on a high-speed chase through downtown this afternoon. Reporting live from downtown Los Angeles is Tanisha Gray. Tanisha?

Tanisha: Thanks, Gary. About three hours ago, the police cordoned off a half-mile area around City Hall after the suspect ran into one of the City Hall offices and took two women as hostages. After a nearly two-hour stand-off, the suspect surrendered. Neither of the two women was hurt and the suspect is now in police custody. Back to you, Gary, in the studio.

Anchor: Thanks for that report, Tanisha. We’ll have more for you as this story develops.

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