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Daily English 384 - Accepting Credit Cards

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Danny: Are you sure we should start accepting credit cards from our customers? We’ve always been a cash-only business.

Katy: I think we need to for the convenience of our customers. It won’t be as big a nuisance as you think, with this new cash register.

Danny: The instructions say the merchant has to swipe the cardholder’s card at the POS. What’s that?

Katy: That stands for point of sale. For us, that’s the cash register. All you have to do is take the credit card and swipe it through here, making sure that the magnetic strip is facing you. It’s simple.

Danny: Do I have to write down the credit card number, the expiration date, and the security code on the back?

Katy: No, the cash register does that for you automatically. It will save you a lot of time.

Danny: What if the customer goes over his or her credit limit?

Katy: In that case, their card is declined and we tell the customer to call the issuing bank.

Danny: What if a customer disputes the charges?

Katy: The credit card company will investigate, and if we have double-charged a customer or made a mistake, we’ll have to do a chargeback. We can do it easily with the cash register. Everything can be done with this machine. It’s great.

Danny: What if it doesn’t work?

Katy: What if what doesn’t work?

Danny: What if the cash register breaks down?

Katy: Um...I guess you’ll have to write down all of the information and process it when the machine is working again.

Danny: Not such a timesaver, huh?

Katy: But you only have to do that if it breaks down, and it won’t break down...very often.

Danny: We’ll see about that!

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