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Daily English 404 - Delegating Work

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Anya: I don't know how I'm going to get all of this work done before I go on vacation.

Estevan: What you need to do is to delegate. Stop being a control freak and get other people to help you with your work.

Anya: I've tried to delegate before, but I ended up having to redo the work myself. It was no timesaver at all. It definitely wasn't worth the trouble.

Estevan: That's because you have to delegate in the right way. You can't just assign a project to one of your employees. You have to give them explicit instructions and measurable goals.

Anya: I did that. I gave my employee detailed instructions and she still let me down.

Estevan: I bet you didn't ask her to report back to you periodically, did you? To get results, you have to tell your employees to give you progress reports. That way, you can make sure she's on the right track. See what I mean?

Anya: Okay, maybe you're right. I know one thing. If I don't get some help soon, I'll be spending my vacation at my desk!

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