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Daily English 436 - Dealing With an Angry Client

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Shawna: Hello, Shawna Davis.

Monty: Hello, Shawna. This is Monty Lofti at BMC. I need to talk to you about our ad that ran in your newspaper yesterday.

Shawna: Sure, Monty. Was there a problem?

Monty: Yes, there certainly was a problem. Instead of the picture of our model, there was a picture of a dog!

Shawna: That’s awful! I wasn’t aware of the substitution. On behalf of the newspaper, I sincerely apologize for the error.

Monty: I don’t think you understand the magnitude of the problem. Our slogan is: “Look in the mirror and this could be you!” Now do you get it? Our store is a laughingstock!

Shawna: I can’t tell you how sorry we are for this egregious mistake. We will certainly run a correction in tomorrow’s paper, and we will run a corrected version of your ad. That’s the least we can do. Is there anything else we can do to make amends for our mistake?

Monty: Yes, there is. I’d like the person responsible to be called on the mat for this.

Shawna: Rest assured. We take this matter very seriously. We’ll find out who is responsible and heads will roll.

Monty: Good. That’s what I wanted to hear.

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