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Daily English 444 - Planning for Retirement

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Paulina: Did you get your Social Security statement? I just got mine in the mail. If I keep working at this rate for the next 20 years, between Social Security and my savings, I should be sitting pretty for retirement.

Carlos: Yeah, I should be okay when I retire, too. I’ve been contributing to a 401(k) through my work for years, and my company gives a matching contribution.

Paulina: Really? I never bothered with a 401(k).

Carlos: A 401(k) really adds up over time. I also have an IRA, which is tax-deferred, and I have my money in a portfolio that is split between stocks and bonds. All of these investments are for the long haul, of course. How about you? What’s your retirement plan?

Paulina: I have money stashed away in a nice little nest egg.

Carlos: Where do you have your money invested?

Paulina: It’s safe and sound, don’t you worry.

Carlos: [Laughs] You make it sound like you have it stashed under your mattress.

Paulina: A mattress is a very safe place for your money!

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