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Daily English 456 - Sending Business Packages

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Maria: I need this package to arrive in Tulsa by next Wednesday.

Sam: Sure, I’ll send it UPS or FedEx using their ground service. It’ll be cheaper than sending it using their overnight service and we can still track it. Is it going to a business?

Maria: Yes, it is.

Sam: Okay, I’ll mark that it’s going to a commercial address.

Maria: That’s fine. I’ll also need these contracts to get to Tokyo by Friday. Send it to the home of the president of the company.

Sam: I’ll send it DHL and use the residential delivery service. This seems like a large package for just contracts.

Maria: I’m also including a gift for the president’s wife.

Sam: If it’s breakable, I’ll pack it really well and then get it insured. What’s the declared value?

Maria: It’s about $700. Oh, and I want this box to go to Olten, Switzerland, but just send it regular mail through the post office. Make sure I get delivery confirmation, though.

Sam: No problem. I’ll just need to fill out a customs declaration form. What are the contents?

Maria: They’re books.

Sam: Okay, I’ll take care of it.

Maria: Thanks. What would I do without you?

Sam: The real question is, what would the mail services do without you?

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