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Daily English 464 - Talking About Inventory

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Foreman: Okay, people. Listen up.

This is your first day on the job in this warehouse and you need to know what we do here. This warehouse keeps all of the stock for the 10 stores in this region. We get merchandise from the supplier and it’s our job to organize it and store it until it goes to the retail outlets. One of the reasons our stores can offer such low prices is that they operate on the principles of economies of scale. This means that we buy in bulk and there’s a lot to catalogue and store. We even have some stock on consignment, so it’s all the more important that we’re able to keep track of any merchandise that comes through here. Any questions?

Carla: Yeah, are we the end of the supply chain or do we send merchandise to other warehouses?

Foreman: We are it. Merchandise comes to us from suppliers and we distribute it to the stores. Any other questions?

Carla: Does merchandise ever go missing?

Foreman: It better not go missing under my watch. That’s why we do an inventory twice a year. If anything is unaccounted for, I won’t be a happy camper. Okay, people, line up to get your assignments...

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