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Daily English 472 - Feeling Nervous About Public Speaking

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Simone: They’re about to introduce you. You’re on next. Are you ready?

Gabriel: No...yes...no!

Simone: You don’t look so well. Are you all right?

Gabriel: I don’t know. My palms are clammy, I’m breaking out into a cold sweat, and my legs feel like jelly.

Simone: It sounds like a bad case of stage fright, that’s all. Just take a deep breath. You’ll be fine.

Gabriel: I have butterflies in my stomach and my mouth is dry. Where can I get a glass of water?

Simone: I don’t know and there isn’t time.

Gabriel: Oh God, if I go out there, I’m going to freeze up or get tongue-tied. I just know it.

Simone: Get a hold of yourself. You’re well prepared and you’ll do a great job. Okay, they’ve just announced your name. Get out there!

Gabriel: I can’t!

Simone: The entire audience is waiting for you. Pull yourself together and get out there!

Gabriel: Here goes nothing!

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