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Daily English 480 - Riding in a Carpool

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Roberto: Hey, Loreto. Got a minute?

Loreto: I’m going to a meeting off-site, but we can talk if you don’t mind walking me to my car.

Roberto: Sure, okay. I just wanted to ask if you’re interested in carpooling to work. We only live a few blocks from each other.

Loreto: Thanks for asking, but I’m not sure carpooling would work for me. Sometimes I run late in the morning and I wouldn’t want to hold you up.

Roberto: We wouldn’t have to commute together every day, only on those days that are convenient for both of us. Carpooling has its advantages, too. In addition to doing our part for the environment, we could use the high-occupancy carpool lanes. That’ll save time, especially if there’s a lot of traffic congestion.

Loreto: Yeah, I guess that could cut down on our commute time.

Roberto: We also get preferential treatment for parking on the days we carpool.

Loreto: How would it work? Do we set up a schedule and take turns driving?

Roberto: Why don’t I swing by and pick you up tomorrow morning and we can talk more about it?

Loreto: If you don’t mind picking me up en route, that would be great. By the way, how do you know where I live?

Roberto: Oh, I asked around. See you tomorrow.

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