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Daily English 492 - Importing and Exporting Goods

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Giselle: Good morning, Brian. This is Giselle calling from Intergroup in Kansas City.

Brian: Hi, Giselle. How are you?

Giselle: I’m great, thanks. Listen, the reason I’m calling is that I wanted to touch base with you about the new proposed regulations. Have you had a chance to review them?

Brian: We’ve only had time to give them a cursory look, but I think we have a grasp on what the changes will be. I don’t think that most of the new regulations would apply to our class of cargo. As long as our certificates of origin are in order and our shipping agents are well informed of the changes, we won’t have anything to be concerned about. Rest assured we’ll take care of all that.

Giselle: That’s good to hear. Won’t the customs procedures be different, though? I understand that there are changes to the regulations affecting which containers we can use and how we transport our freight.

Brian: No, lucky for us, all we need to do is to put some additional information on our waybills and make sure our packing lists reflect the same information.

Giselle: I’m relieved to hear that. You’ve really put my mind at ease, thanks.

Brian: Don’t mention it. While I have you on the phone, do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions about the latest order?

Giselle: No, not at all. Fire away.

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