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Daily English 500 - Taking Minutes of a Meeting

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I was absent at last month’s meeting, so imagine my surprise when I found out that I had been elected the committee’s secretary! As part of my duties, I have to take minutes at each meeting. Taking minutes means I have to pay attention and try my best to transcribe what each person says, or at least do my best to summarize.

At yesterday’s meeting, the chair called the meeting to order and I conducted a roll call. Then, the chair went over the agenda and we discussed old business. We needed to vote on a couple of proposals from the past meeting, and it was my job to ask for a show of hands of those in favor of and those opposed to each one.

After that was done, we went on to new business. We talked about the first item of business for 20 minutes when someone suggested that we table the topic until the following meeting, and the participants agreed. After another long discussion about the second agenda item, we ran out of time. The chair adjourned the meeting.

Phew! That first meeting taught me a very good lesson. Never miss a meeting when new officers are being chosen!

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