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Daily English 504 - Training Inexperienced Employees

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Kazuko: I really appreciate you helping with the training of the newbies. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Martin: Don’t mention it. I remember when I was still wet behind the ears and the veterans in the company gave me the benefit of their time and expertise. They propped me up until I could stand on my own two feet.

Kazuko: I can’t imagine you as a novice. Everybody here thinks of you as the cornerstone of the institution.

Martin: Well, that may be, but you should have seen me in the early years. I was naive and reckless. I may be more adept at my job now, but I felt inept for years.

Kazuko: I saw you talking with some of the new recruits. What advice did you give them?

Martin: I gave them the same advice that an old hand gave me when I first started: Take every piece of advice you get with a grain of salt!

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