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Daily English 512 - Changing the Subject in Conversation

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Laura: I think that’s all we need to talk about regarding last month’s report. Let’s turn to this month’s report, shall we? I didn’t get a copy of it. Could someone hand me one?

Gaius: By the way, I have just one last comment before we shift our focus to this month’s report. It seems to me that we need more information on how the Duluth office is doing. Could we ask for more info to be included in next month’s report?

Laura: I’m sure we can. Incidentally, Dee is quitting and Kara will be taking her place. This is off the record, of course. Okay, now back to this month’s report...

Gaius: Speaking of personnel changes, did you know that Lee is being promoted to V.P. next month?

Laura: I hadn’t heard that, but I’m not surprised. She’s been in line for that job for years. Okay, we need to get back to this month’s report…

Gaius: Something just occurred to me. If Lee is being promoted, what will happen to the Baseship project?

Laura: I think it’s being put on the back burner for now. All right, could someone hand me a copy of this month’s report?

Gaius: I don’t mean to change the subject but…

Laura: I think that’s precisely what you’re trying to do. What’s the matter with this month’s report?

Gaius: It’s not quite finished. It’ll be on your desk this afternoon.

Laura: Is that what this tap dance has been about? All right, we’ll talk about it at tomorrow’s meeting. Next time, just give it to me straight, okay?

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