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Daily English 52 - Preparing for a Business Trip

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I'm going to a conference this weekend back in my home state of Minnesota. I am going there to address a convention full of librarians, believe it or not. For me, the worst part of going on the road for business is not the traveling; it's all the preparation you have to do. I created a whole checklist of things I have to do when I travel.

First, I confirm that my flight will be on time departing from LAX. Next, I call to double-check on my reservation for the hotel and the rent-a-car. After that, I pull out my suitcase and start packing. I'm a light packer, so I bring only the pants, shirts, socks, and underwear I'm going to need, nothing more. I throw in my toiletries bag with the usual stuff – shaver, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss – and then I'm just about done.

Finally, I go through my briefcase to make sure I have all the things I'll need for the conference: my badge, my laptop, my overhead transparencies, a notepad, and some pens. Now I'm ready. Off I go to my old home.

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