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Daily English 532 - Using an Online Email Program

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Luigi: What do you think of this new email program?

Selma: I don’t know yet. I just started using it. The interface is pretty intuitive, but I haven’t figured out how to sort my inbox by date.

Luigi: That’s easy. Let me show you. All you have to do is hit one of these buttons and it’ll sort automatically.

Selma: Oh, I see. Let me try to compose a message. I’ll cc: myself and I’ll bcc: you to make sure it goes through. It looks like if I don’t want to send it right away, I can save the message as a draft. If I do send it, does it save a copy?

Luigi: Yes, it should. Refresh the page and it should show up in “sent mail.”

Selma: Oh, yeah, there it is. Let’s see, I can also archive messages or mark them as junk or send them straight to trash. How do I add contacts?

Luigi: You can put contacts into your address book by dragging an email address into your “contacts” folder, like this.

Selma: Okay, one more thing: I want to set up spam filters and some other filters to block unwanted emails.

Luigi: You can do that in this window, see? Whose emails are you blocking?

Selma: Yours, if don’t stop forwarding all of those stupid jokes every day.

Luigi: And deprive you of the fun? Never!

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