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Daily English 604 - Harming a Professional Reputation

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Alex: Good morning. What’s with the gloom and doom?

Paige: Have you seen this morning’s newspaper?

Alex: No, I haven’t.

Paige: You’d better read this. It’s an article about our company.

Alex: Let me see that. This is outrageous! How can anybody print such lies? We’re not on the verge of going under. How did they get a hold of so much misleading and outright wrong information?

Paige: What I’m irate about is what it says about you, as the owner. The article is full of innuendos about your background. It’s nothing short of character assassination. We’ll sue the paper for defamation of character.

Alex: I’m not worried about my personal reputation. I’m more concerned about the company’s image. I’m going down to that paper and making them print a retraction.

Paige: How’re you going to do that?

Alex: After I call the reporter a no-good mudslinger, I’ll give him the facts, the ones he neglected to include in this story.

Paige: Be careful what you say to him, especially in front of his coworkers. You don’t want him suing you for slander!

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