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Daily English 631 - Customizing a Personal Webpage

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Keiko: The layout of your webpage is so lame. Why don’t you customize it?

Al: Why bother? I don’t want to spend the time or the energy.

Keiko: Let me show you my page. Check out this background. Don’t you think it’s great?

Al: Yeah, it’s great. Can I get back to my book now?

Keiko: You haven’t even looked at my page. Look at this. You can add all kinds of graphics and you can use the profile editor to list information about yourself: your hometown, your likes and dislikes, your relationship status, your mood, everything! You can link to or upload photos and videos, too. I even have a custom cursor and this scrolling text across the top

Al: Yeah, it’s all great, but kind of dizzying.

Keiko: You haven’t even seen my animated gifs. This funny baby will dance across the page, look!

Al: Thanks for the suggestions, but I think I’ll stick to a simple, uncluttered page. How long did it take you to do all of that?

Keiko: How long? Maybe a few hours.

Al: I’d rather spend a few hours reading a good book.

Keiko: Suit yourself. Maybe that’s why you have 22 “friends” and I have 200.

Al: Clearly your time has been better spent.

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