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Daily English 640 - Being Genuine and False

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Javier: I saw Terry cozying up to you this morning. What was that about?

Floriane: He was just offering me some advice on my first proposal.

Javier: Sure, he was. What were his true intentions?

Floriane: I think he was being upfront about wanting to help a new employee. I don’t think he had an ulterior motive.

Javier: I wouldn’t take Terry at face value. He has a reputation around the office of being two-faced. He’ll try to get to know you under false pretenses and then stab you in the back.

Floriane: I don’t get that feeling from Terry. He seemed genuine and open. By the way, was there something you needed?

Javier: Me? No. I was just trying to watch out for you.

Floriane: In that case, I’d better get back to work, and I’ll keep your warning in mind. I’ll beware of anyone giving me advice who may have an ulterior motive.

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