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Daily English 647 - Using a Smartphone

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Hitomi: What are you unboxing?

Jason: This is my new smartphone. It has every feature under the sun!

Hitomi: Every feature?

Jason: It has a high quality camera and video camera, and it’s a videophone. It has a great GPS program, too. The touch-screen and the keyboard are easy to use and everything is so intuitive. Even a child could use it.

Hitomi: Yeah, but a child couldn’t afford the expensive price tag, right?

Jason: True enough, but it has a removable SIM card and is Bluetooth compatible. I can even use it as an e-book reader, and download apps for just about anything I want to do. No child’s toy could do all of those things.

Hitomi: Yes, that’s true, but I have just one question.

Jason: What?

Hitomi: Can you make a telephone call on it?

Jason: A telephone call? You mean a regular phone call? Yes, I think so.

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