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Daily English 650 - Buying Television and Movie Programs

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Cameron: What did you get for Christmas?

James: I got a box set of my favorite TV show of all time, the McQ Files. It contains all five seasons of the show, deleted scenes, and outtakes. I can’t wait to watch it all!

Cameron: Didn’t you see the entire series when it was shown on TV?

James: I did, but the bonus features make it a must-have for a big fan like me.

Cameron: I just don’t see why people spend good money buying shows they’ve already seen.

James: Hey, wait a second. Didn’t you run out and buy the Podinator trilogy box set when it went on sale last month?

Cameron: Uh, yeah, but that’s different. Those are movies, not TV shows. The Podinator box set had the director’s cut and commentary, not to mention never-before-released scenes.

James: Hadn’t you seen all three movies when they were shown in the theaters?

Cameron: Yes, but...

James: And don’t you own all three movies on video already?

Cameron: Well, maybe I do but...

James: Then I don’t see why you needed to buy the box set. I think it’s best that you give it to me.

Cameron: Touché.

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