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Daily English 652 - Outdoor Advertising

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Kam: Okay, the purpose of our meeting today is to listen to some ideas for our new advertising campaign. Gina, take it away.

Gina: Thanks, Kam. I’m going to talk today about outdoor advertising. I know that it’s a new area for us and it hasn’t been on our radar in the past, but I know it’ll work well for our new campaign.

Kam: Can we talk specifics?

Gina: Sure. There are several types of outdoor advertising. One is the billboard, both the traditional kind and the digital ones. Advertising on ones in high-traffic areas will give us a lot of exposure. To get even more exposure all over town, we can use mobile advertising.

Kam: You mean advertise on buses?

Gina: Yes, more and more, products are being advertised on buses and cars. These wraps can also be put on the side of buildings and other structures. There really are a lot of outdoor advertising options, from bench ads to skywriting.

Kam: That’s all very interesting, but which of these methods do you recommend?

Gina: I think we should use all of them – blanket the city with our new ads.

Kam: All of them?

Gina: Yes, all of them. You know what they say: “Go big or go home.”

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Brett: No, no. My “friends” wouldn’t like that. He has a real fear of doctors.

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