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Daily English 656 - Ordering Business Stationery

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Jermaine: How did the investor meeting go?

Teresa: That meeting has been postponed until next week. One of the potential investors is out of town.

Jermaine: In that case, can you help me with some of this work?

Teresa: I would, but I’m busy ordering stationery right now.

Jermaine: Stationery? You’re ordering stationery?

Teresa: Yes, of course. For us to be taken seriously as a new company, we have to project a professional image. Having good stationery is part of that.

Jermaine: I’m not sure…

Teresa: Look, we can’t go to business meetings without good business cards, right?

Jermaine: I guess so…

Teresa: If we have any correspondence with our potential investors, we need letterhead and envelopes, right?

Jermaine: I suppose…

Teresa: Okay, so I’m ordering those things. In the process, I’m ordering some embossed greeting cards and some promotional postcards. We’ll also need some notepads and…

Jermaine: Whoa! Aren’t you jumping the gun?

Teresa: Why do you say that?

Jermaine: First, we need to establish a company, and then we can start behaving like one.

Teresa: That’s where you’re wrong. If you build it, they will come.

Jermaine: You mean if we start behaving like a company, then the investors will come?

Teresa: Precisely!

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