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Daily English 660 - Work-Related Injuries

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Darrelle: I just went to a seminar about work-related injuries. I really have to rethink my workspace.

Kim: Work-related injuries? It’s not like we’re doing heavy lifting every day. We sit at our desks all day.

Darrelle: That’s the problem. Look at how you’re slouching over your keyboard. Poor posture can cause a lot of problems over time. Aren’t you always complaining about back pain?

Kim: Yeah, but…

Darrelle: And look at how you squint at your computer monitor all day. Aren’t you always complaining about headaches? You’re probably suffering from eye strain.

Kim: It’s true that I sometimes have headaches.

Darrelle: It’s no wonder. Look at what we do all day, repetitive motion after repetitive motion. Aren’t you suffering from elbow pain right now?

Kim: I was this morning…

Darrelle: See what I mean? We need better ergonomics in this office.

Kim: Okay, where do we start?

Darrelle: I think we need to sign up for a seminar on how to prevent work-related injuries.

Kim: What do you have in mind?

Darrelle: How about this four-day seminar?

Kim: But that seminar is in Florida.

Darrelle: What better way to recover from any work-related injuries than spending four days and three nights in Florida?

Kim: Count me in!

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