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Daily English 683 - Using a Video-Sharing Website

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Melissa: You’re looking at the next overnight sensation. I’m uploading my video right now, and by this time tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s had over 100,000 views. It’s going to go viral.

Frank: You and your amateur videos. Who is going to watch something with such low production value?

Melissa: You’d be surprised. I have my own channel on YouGube, with over 5,000 subscribers.

Frank: Are you sure that’s not because your username is AngelinaJolie?

Melissa: No, it’s because people enjoy my videos, mark them as their favorites, and share them with their friends. Word of mouth – that’s why I’m so popular.

Frank: But what about the comments on your videos? How many of those are positive and how many are negative?

Melissa: I don’t read the comments. I assume they’re all positive, and my videos have never been flagged.

Frank: All right, so is this another video of you dancing with your cat?

Melissa: No, my cat and I are dancing and singing. That’s why we’re both going to be the next big thing.

Frank: Right, I’ll get in line right now to buy tickets to your upcoming Vegas show.

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