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Daily English 716 - Working Without Supervision

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Veronica: Where’s Stan?

Kyle: He’s not here.

Veronica: When will he be back?

Kyle: I’m not sure. He hasn’t been here for a couple of days.

Veronica: A couple of days?! He’s supposed to be here overseeing the day-to-day operations. You’re his second-in-command. Where is he?

Kyle: I honestly don’t know. He’s been MIA since Tuesday.

Veronica: I come all the way here to talk to him about budget overruns and I find that he’s been shirking his responsibilities, too. I’ve a feeling he’s been phoning it in for a long time now. So have you been covering for him?

Kyle: Me? I’m just trying to do my job. When Stan isn’t here, I do my best to fill in. But I’m not saying anything against Stan.

Veronica: I appreciate your loyalty, but when push comes to shove, you’ve got to look out for yourself, right?

Kyle: Uh, I guess. I’m not sure.

Veronica: Well, I do. I need to look out for my best interests and that’s making sure this place has proper supervision. How would you like a promotion?

Kyle: You mean you’re firing Stan and giving me his job?

Veronica: Do you want the job or don’t you?

Kyle: Can I talk to Stan first? I don’t want him to think I’m a backstabber.

Veronica: You can...if you can find him.

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