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Daily English 718 - Serving on a Jury

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Samantha: How was your first day on a jury?

Jinho: It was okay. The judge swore us in and then we listened to the beginning of the prosecutor’s case. Two witnesses testified.

Samantha: That sounds exciting! I’d love to be on a jury. Why didn’t they sequester you? That’s what they do on TV.

Jinho: We didn’t need to be sequestered. This isn’t a high-profile case. Hey, guess what? I was selected as foreman.

Samantha: Wow, that’s a lot of responsibility.

Jinho: It’s no big deal. I think I was selected because nobody else wanted the job.

Samantha: What’ll happen tomorrow?

Jinho: We’ll hear the rest of the prosecutor’s case and then the defense attorney will put on her case. I’m sure the entire thing will be over in three or four days.

Samantha: Were there any interesting exhibits? Will the defendant take the stand?

Jinho: No, no interesting exhibits so far, and I’m not sure if the defendant will take the stand.

Samantha: I wish I were in your place. I’d love to put a criminal behind bars.

Jinho: You’re supposed to be impartial when you’re on a jury, remember?

Samantha: Oh sure, I’d only convict the guilty defendants – just like on TV!

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