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Daily English 720 - Buying Office Furniture

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Natalia: Is that the Office Shop catalogue?

Kei: Yeah, I’m in charge of furnishing the new offices on the second floor. They need everything – desks, file cabinets, bookcases – you name it.

Natalia: That sounds like fun. I love shopping for new furniture. Can I help?

Kei: Yes, definitely. I’ve picked out a few things already, but I’m having a hard time deciding among all of these office chairs.

Natalia: Get this one. They’re on casters and are fully adjustable.

Kei: Okay, what about desks? Everybody has a different idea about office desks.

Natalia: I like this one. It’s got a keyboard tray, file drawers, and space for lateral files. See?

Kei: All right, I guess that one is as good as any, but what about this one with a hutch?

Natalia: This desk has an optional hutch. If the new employees want a hutch, they can order one later.

Kei: Okay, last but not least, we need bookcases.

Natalia: These are solid wood and look sturdy. What do you think?

Kei: I think there’s one person who’s cut out for this job, and that person is not me!

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