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Daily English 724 - Being Impolite in Conversation

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Angela: Ugh! I hate talking to Rebecca. Every time I ask her a question, she ignores me or sneers at me.

Ronny: Are you sure it’s not your imagination? She’s perfectly nice to me.

Angela: It’s not my imagination. When I try to tell her something, she cuts me off. When I try to explain something to her, she’s short with me or talks over me. I always get the feeling that she’s looking down her nose at me.

Ronny: Maybe she feels threatened by you.

Angela: How so?

Ronny: You’re younger, smarter, and better educated. She might feel like you’re after her job.

Angela: But I’m not! I just started here and I don’t have any designs on replacing her.

Ronny: And you’re prettier than she is.

Angela: What does that have to do with anything, even if it were true?

Ronny: Well, she’s had a thing for me for a while and…

Angela: And she thinks I’m her competition. No wonder she’s so standoffish with me. I’ll just make it clear that I won’t stand in her way.

Ronny: You won’t?

Angela: Huh?

Ronny: Never mind.

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